Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Savior Siblings:" Soon We'll Be Using Them As Spare Part Humans

If you’ve never heard of “savior siblings” it refers to parents who deliberately produce another child to use, almost as a spare-part source, a previously born child with some serious disorder. In this case, all that was used was the cord blood from the second child – but who’s to say the next time it might be a kidney, or a liver . . .  or a heart??
'Savior sibling' raises a decade of  life-and-death questions
Ten years ago a little girl from Colorado made medical history when her parents and her  doctor at the University of Minnesota used genetic screening to create a baby that could save her life.
Now, 16 years old and back in Minnesota for her 10-year checkup, Molly Nash is unimpressed that her little brother -- her irritating little brother -- became a "savior sibling" by giving her his umbilical cord blood -- the sole reason she's alive today to back sass her parents. more

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