Friday, September 10, 2010

Pro-Deather Lies In Scottish Hearings

Usually, the pro-deathers are pretty artful at spinning things their way. An then comes someone who didn’t get the memo and actually lies – saying that legalizing assisted suicide (a) doesn’t lead down the slippery slope to death-on-demand for any reason, and (b) that the number of euthanasia cases in Holland has remained stable. Here’s the truth: In the Netherlands they went vey quickly from euthanasia for a very narrowly defined group of patients to where now anyone can request euthanasia for just about any reason. Also, the Netherlands’ own official figures show that the numbers of euthanasias, both reported and unreported, are increasingly quite quickly.
GP describes dilemma over assisted suicide
Doctors are afraid to help people to die and do it only out of compassion for their patients, a medical expert claimed yesterday.
A specially-convened committee of MSPs has started to scrutinise proposals that would make Scotland the first part of the UK to change the law on assisted suicide.
Doctors and professors from Switzerland and the Netherlands gave their personal experiences of the process. . . . .
Dr Rob Jonquiere, communications director of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and a former GP who has carried out euthanasia in the Netherlands, said the law had not led to a “slippery slope” in the number of people asking to die.
He said: “The percentage of euthanasia cases has more or less stayed the same.” more

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