Friday, September 10, 2010

India: A Sane Response To Euthanasia Request

This story is important because it shows that at least in some places, in this case India, there is a legitimate counter to requests for euthanasia. The woman in the story is old, and has several medical conditions, none of them fatal and all treatable, but she wants to be euthanized. Instead of caving in, the common-sense court ruled that she get free medical care for a month and then be reassessed. What’s the bet that once she’s treated, she won’t want to die? I certainly like the odds.
Karnataka high court orders free treatment for woman seeking euthanasia
The high court on Tuesday directed the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (Nimhans) to give free treatment to 70-year-old HB Karibasamma for four weeks and then submit a report.
In the earlier hearing, Karibasamma had sought that Nimhans too be made a party to the case.
Justice Ajith Gunjal, while listening to the petition filed by Karibasamma seeking to be allowed euthanasia or mercy killing, on Tuesday asked Nimhans to treat the woman for a month at no cost and then submit her medical records to the court. more

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