Thursday, September 16, 2010

Murder & Assisted Suicide - Tell Me Again How They're Different?

Sorry, I’m confused here. This woman is charged with murder, yet what she did is EXACTLY how assisted suicide happens. Here, the husband wanted to die. Wife provided the gun. He picked it up and shot himself in the head. In assisted suicide, the pro-deathers make a big fuss that the victim must have the physical strength to take the poison, etc., form an “assister.” How are these two circumstance s different, pray do tell?
Woman charged after husband kills self with gun she gave him
MIAMI — Tired of their bickering and her husband's complaints that he wanted to die, an exasperated Cutler Bay woman asked him if he wanted his pistol.
Yes, he replied -- so she fetched the weapon from another room and tossed it on the couch next to him, police said.
Then he shot himself, fatally, in the head. more

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