Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UK Police Wild Goose Chase - Assisted Suicide Will Not Be Punished

Pity the UK police. They’re trying to enforce the laws against assisted suicide while the legal beagles have issued a mealy-mouthed “clarification” of the law that basically says assisted suicide in the UK is still illegal, but not really. The coppers are wasting their time, energy, and the public’s money. The legal system will never prosecute the woman who went with Douglas Sinclair to Switzerland where he was assisted in being killed by death-palace Dignitas thugs.
Police to hand over death file
POLICE and legal officials are due to meet tomorrow over South Tyneside man Douglas Sinclair's assisted suicide. Retired engineer Mr Sinclair, 76, suffered from the debilitating disease multiple system atrophy, and travelled to the controversial Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, where he took his own life on July 28.
Former neighbour Janet Grieves, who acted as Mr Sinclair's carer after his wife, Monica, died 10 years ago, has been arrested, questioned and bailed by police for allegedly assisting a suicide.
The 47-year-old, of Westhope Close, South Shields, was arrested, along with a 48-year-old man. He has also been bailed.
Northumbria Police officers will meet Crown Prosecution Service officials in York tomorrow to hand over their file on the case.
It is understood that file includes a DVD of Mr Sinclair's final moments at the clinic. In it, he is seen to drink a lethal cocktail of drugs, smile at the camera and give a thumbs-up sign to nurses in the room. more

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