Friday, September 10, 2010

Illogical Arguments Pushing Quebec Euthanasia Hearings

Here’s a Canadian piece that shows why societal taboos are often adopted. The writer basically says that because many Canadians think euthanasia is OK, it should be legalized. Frightening illogic, I’m afraid.
Hébert: Quebec leads the way with euthanasia debate
A bit more than three decades ago, the ordinary men and women who made up a Quebec jury opened the way to unrestricted access to abortion in Canada when they refused to find Dr. Henry Morgentaler guilty of a crime for performing the procedure on demand.
The Quebec government of the day was appalled by the verdict but eventually it had no choice but to relent and stop prosecuting abortion-related cases. More than a decade before the federal abortion law was struck down by the Supreme Court, it became inoperative in Quebec.
Today the sons and daughters of that generation of jurors have grown up to become the most liberal group of legislators in the country and they push the social frontiers from inside the National Assembly.
A few years ago Quebec was at the forefront of the battle to legalize gay marriage, with public support for that change running higher in the province than anywhere else in Canada.
Now Quebec may be about to push the envelope on euthanasia. more

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