Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UK Pro-Deather Wannabe Busted

The UK’s Ray Gosling was applauded by the pro-deathers for coming out and publicly declaring that he killed his AIDS affected partner, purportedly as an act of mercy. Whether killing is ever “merciful” is beside this point – because Gosling lied to snatch some of the pro-deather limelight. Pitiful.
BBC presenter avoids jail for false AIDS killing claim
LONDON — A court handed a veteran broadcaster a suspended 90-day jail sentence Tuesday for wasting police time after he falsely claimed in a TV documentary that he killed an ex-lover who had AIDS.
BBC presenter Ray Gosling was arrested for murder in February after making the on-screen confession, which stirred up a media storm at a time when Britain was locked in an intense debate over assisted suicide. more

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