Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dignity In Death - Uh-Huh. . .

The story about Swiss pro-death clinic Dignitas dumping urns of remains of those who came to the clinic to commit suicide in Lake Geneva broke last week. Here’s a piece that has the right heading: Where is the dignity in this?
Where's the dignity in this? A notorious suicide clinic is dumping human remains at  bottom of Swiss lake... but were 50 Britons among them?
. . . The bay lies on what the Swiss call their Gold Coast - ten miles of villas fringing Lake Zurich where international bankers, minor European royalty and celebrities such as Tina Turner have made their homes.
Yet just 200 yards away from singing star Miss Turner's magnificent waterfront mansion, a gruesome discovery has set the whole community in uproar.
For it was here that divers uncovered a huge number of brown urns at the bottom of the lake, containing human remains.
'At first we thought they were flower pots,' said a sailor who discovered the urns by chance when he was searching for a sun-awning that had fallen from his motorboat into the lake. 'When I realised that they contained the remains of people, I was horrified. more

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