Friday, May 21, 2010

Mealy-Mouthed UK Guidelines for Assisted Suicide

OK, this piece is about how reasonable, sane, etc, etc., yesterday’s released assisted suicide/euthanasia guidelines by the UK’s General medical Council are. Uh-huh. Read this quote from the guidelines and tell me how this actually can be enforced if an assisted suicide or euthanasia is suspected. Chilling.
Dignity in Dying 'fails' to get doctors to sanction assisted suicide
. . . “Following established ethical and legal (including human rights) principles, decisions covering potentially life-prolonging treatments must not be motivated by a desire to bring about a patient’s death and must start with a presumption in favour of prolonging life. This presumption will normally require you to take all reasonable steps to prolong a patient’s life. However, there is no absolute obligation to prolong life irrespective of the consequences for the patient, and irrespective of the patient’s views, if they are known or can be found out.” more

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