Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There IS An Alternative To End Of Life Killing

This is an important primer – that there IS a better alternative to killing yourself or having others kill you – palliative care, which specializes in making terminally ill people comfortable rather than killing them. Imagine that!!
Palliative care MD: Rethink euthanasia
STELLARTON — People who say they agree with euthanasia do so without knowing what it is, a palliative care specialist said Friday.
Most people think it’s the same as a "do not resuscitate" order that stops medical intervention to terminally ill patients and is an option for those receiving palliative care, Dr. Jose Pereira told professionals and volunteers attending the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association conference in Stellarton.
But euthanasia is not the same, he said. more

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