Friday, May 28, 2010

Quebec Officially Opens Public Assisted Suicide Debate

While legislation to legalize assisted suicide in Canada recently failed, the pro-deathers simply don’t give up. Now the Province of Quebec has begun formal public hearings on the issue. Note that the pro-deathers are way ahead of the curve here, having got the pols to use the term “dying with dignity.” Stay tuned.
Quebec Debate on Euthanasia Opens to General Public
QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, May 26, 2010 ( – The public end-of-life debate that the Quebec government launched in December is now being opened to the general public.
The Quebec National Assembly’s special commission on "dying with dignity" released a consultation document at a press conference yesterday after having heard from legal, medical, ethical, and philosophical experts in February and March.  They will be travelling to eleven major cities in the province to consult with interested parties, and have set up an online questionnaire. more

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