Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Sanity In The Singapore Assisted Suicide Debate

They’ve been debating assisted suicide and euthanasia in Singapore for quite a while now. Here’s a sane piece that counters the pro-deather spin in its common sense and offers a real sense of dignity at the end of life, not the ersatz dignity proffered by the pro-death crowd.
Should I fight to the bitter end?
SINGAPORE - His sister died two years ago of advanced liver cancer. Till today, Alexandra Hospital chief executive Liak Teng Lit and his family believe the "best care" she received was the three-hour talk with the surgeon on her options, and the subsequent decision not to operate.
"She had a really good death. She spent the last two months doing family things ... and when she finally died, we had a celebration," said Mr Liak. more

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