Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Living Longer So That We Can Euthanize You - Go Figure

Ah, yes, another use for euthanasia. In the future we’ll live longer, so that euthanasia can kill us off. The novel pro-death ideas never cease to amaze me!
Anti-ageing drugs 'will fuel euthanasia'
People will simply choose to end their own lives in the future, when anti-ageing drugs that could extend life spans by many years become commonplace, according to an expert on longevity.
But birth rates might also have to be centrally controlled to cope with rising numbers of old people, Dr David Gems of the Institute of Healthy Ageing at University College London said.
Dr Gems, who is researching ways of slowing ageing, said society faced "a strange future".
Speaking on the ethics of anti-ageing treatment at the Royal Society, he said: "If we were to live very long lives then I feel that more people would simply elect to end their own lives. That seems to be reasonable." more

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