Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nuns Now Into Euthanasia? Say It Ain't So!!

Say it ain't so – NUNS committing euthanasia?? Thus little snippet from California raises the possibility, although obviously this is only an allegation. Would it surprise me if it were found t be true? Nope. We already know, unfortunately, that other Roman Catholic entities support killing – there are some church-run hospitals that allow for both futile care and abortion. Go figure . . .
Euthanasia Alleged At Auburn Sisters Of Mercy
AUBURN, Calif. (CBS13) ― A former employee of a community for retired nuns has sent shock waves through the Catholic community after claiming a nun was euthanized while staying there, an allegation the religious organization has vehemently denied.
Jeanne Reaume, an employee at the Sisters of Mercy in Auburn for 15 years, filed a civil suit in Placer County claiming she was fired without cause and alleging that a mercy killing took place.
The complaint says a nun visiting a sick sister in 2005 took morphine from a medical locker and locked herself in the sick woman's room with other visiting nuns. During that time, the lawsuit claims, staff pounded on the door and all they heard with singing coming from the room. more

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