Monday, May 24, 2010

UK Nurses Back Off Pain Meds = Ignorance Of Palliative Care

Let’s see how long it takes the pro-deathers to take this information and morph it into another rationale for legalizing assisted suicide. Basically, the piece reports a survey of UK nurses who apparently go easy on pain meds because they fear being accused of assisted suicide if the patient dies from the meds. Well, the glaring point here is that these nurses appear to be so poorly trained that they haven’t a clue about the differences between involuntary euthanasia and palliative sedation. Another fine flub by the UK’s National Health Service.
Dying patients refused pain-relief because nurses fear prosecution for assisted suicide
Dying patients are being refused pain-relief because nurses fear they will be prosecuted for assisted suicide, a poll has found.
More than one in 10 nurses say they have held back treatment such as morphine on terminally-ill cancer sufferers in case they are implicated with hastening their death.
Many admit they are leaving their patients in agony but fear they will be charged with giving an overdose if medical records are later scrutinised. more

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