Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swiss Killing Business Dignitas Taking Strain - Good!

Speaking of Swiss death clinic Dignitas being a business, owner Ludwig Minelli is in the hot seat for dumping urns of remains of people who came to Dignitas to be killed into Geneva lakes. Here he was confronted by the media, and was anything g but dignified. He lost his cool because the exposure is bad of the killing business.
Dignitas boss Ludwig Minelli faces 3 years in prison and a £30,000 fine if found guilty
URNS said to contain the ashes of Dignitas suicide patients are lying forgotten at the bottom of a Swiss lake.
In exclusive footage obtained by the Sunday Express, several of the discarded terracotta caskets can be seen strewn across the murky bed of Lake Zurich.
Many are still intact and bear the lion logo of a crematorium used by the controversial assisted death clinic, while others have been broken into fragments.
The foot-high urns have since been retrieved by police frogmen but a painstaking task is now under way to find out if any of them stored the remains of terminally ill or severely disabled Britons.
Dignitas founder Ludwig Minelli faces accusations he carried out a systematic dumping of patients’ ashes to avoid paying funeral costs.
When confronted by the Sunday Express at home in the Zurich suburb of Forch, Mr Minelli initially refused to comment. He finally snapped and shouted: “Eat ****, eat **** with many flies. That is an English expression is it not?” more

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