Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pravda Get It Right Arguing Against Euthanasia

Those of us who grew up in the Cold War used to make jokes about Pravda, the official communist newspaper. (Joke: Pravda breaking news: We have just been given the results of next week’s elections!!). Things seem to have changed for the better with this very good piece arguing against euthanaia. It’s clear, and understandable. Make a note of it.
Euthanasia and the Culture of Death
Shortly before the passing of the severely handicapped Terry Schiavo, whose death in Florida in 2005 was hastened by a U.S. court order to remove her feeding tube, Patrick J. Buchanan wrote: “That there arose a national outcry at the execution of Schiavo -- so loud Congress and President Bush heard it and came to the rescue -- is a sign America is not morally dead . . . yet. But a culture of death has taken deep root in America's soul.”
Terry Schiavo’s ultimately tragic death demands a more serious look at euthanasia and the destructive direction in which it is leading society. This requires a more serious reflection on the implications of life-sustaining treatments as applied to patients in the clinical condition called the "vegetative state". more

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