Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Killing For Profit

The drumbeat of poster-people in the UK glorifying assisted suicide continues apace. Don’t think assisted sucide is a business?? Andrew Barnes has already paid Swiss death clinic Dignitas $13,000 to travel there to kick the bucket as his has (ahem) “right.”
I have a right to end my life with dignity
A FORMER pilot given just three months to live is planning to die with the help of Swiss assisted-dying clinic Dignitas.
Andrew Barnes said his quality of life was deteriorating quickly because of a failing liver and an enlarged heart.
He regularly suffers pulmonary edema — fluid on the lungs — and takes a cocktail of drugs to control his illnesses.
Mr Barnes, 54, by his own admission a heavy drinker, was told three years ago that unless he reduced his alcohol intake, he faced life-threatening disease.
He was given his recent prognosis during treatment at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital last week, where he spent ten days having fluid drained from his lungs. more

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