Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They Might As Well Go Ahead & Legalize Assisted Suicide In The UK

Ah, yes . . . Note the opening phrase: This man was devoted to his wife. How do we know he was so devoted? He killed her. Nothing like marital devotion, I say. Oh, yes, and, of course, after much staring at their collective legal navels, the Brit authorities have decided not to prosecute a man who admitted breaking the law. Lesson? It’s OK to kill people because the law will look the other way. Oh, sorry, not even look the other way – but to come out siding with the criminal. Pathetic all round.
Husband who helped wife to die will not be prosecuted
A devoted husband will not be prosecuted for assisting the suicide of his 62-year-old wife, Crown prosecutors announced today.
They said there was sufficient evidence to take Michael Bateman to court over his wife Margaret's death last October but a trial would not be in the public interest.
Mr Bateman helped place a plastic bag over the head of his wife who died from inhaling helium at the family home in Birstall, West Yorkshire. more

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