Monday, May 10, 2010

How The Media Lies In Favor Of Assisted Suicide

This is how lies keep reinforcing other lies. This is a sycophantic admiration piece masquerading as journalism. Anytime you’re agreeing with anything Jack Kevorkian ever said, you know you’ve gone over to the dark side. Oh, and the bit I’ve highlighted below about how Oregon’s assisted suicide law has all kinds of “safeguards. Uh-huh – like the fact that there is no provision for a medical doctor to be present at the suicide? Like the fact that after the doctor writes the lethal prescription there is no further monitoring of what happens to the poison?? Yeah, safeguards, indeed.
The morality behind doctor assisted suicide
There is an incredibly complex battle raging across the United States about whether or not it is socially acceptable to allow a doctor to help a patient commit suicide if they are suffering beyond help.
. . . Oregon has a system in place called the Death with Dignity Act that has all sorts of fail-safes for potential problems and moral arguments that people may have with euthanasia. For example, it takes at least thirty days and two requests to be legally euthanized so that you can’t rush into it without time to think about this final decision. You also cannot have just one doctor say that there's nothing that can be done for you and then apply for euthanasia. Oregon has been extremely meticulous in measuring what worries people and has written the act to address these problems quite well. more

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