Monday, May 10, 2010

Singapore Also Has Terminally Ill Poster People for Assisted Suicide

From the same Singapore source as the post immediately below, here’s the media cheering for assisted sucide. As always, there’s a terminally ill poster person who is insisting that she be killed, adding that wanting to do so means she is a “free-thinker.” Sure.
"I want to die now"
SHE has only weeks to live. But even that is too long for her to wait. She wants to die - now.
Madam Lim Kim Keow, 56, wants someone to help her end her life - on her terms. Cancer has eaten away almost her entire body and doctors have told her she will soon die.
But she wants what she calls "an le shi" or a "happy death". The free-thinker is not afraid of death. What she fears is suffering and being a burden to others. more

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