Monday, May 24, 2010

More "Brave" Pro-Death Poster People

I’m getting just a tad irritated by the poster-person-for-death crowd. Here’s another “brave soul” who is publically stating he’ll help his girlfriend kick the bucket even if it mean he’s prosecuted in the UK, where assisted is still (although barely) illegal. Have you ever thought about what kind of society the UK is becoming where people openly, and in the media, brag about helping kill someone, and where this is seen as a good thing by many? God help us all.
I'll end my partner's life - even if it means jail: Retired IT worker says he'll accept sentence to ease companion's MS suffering
A retired computer worker from Co. Wicklow has vowed to help his seriously ill partner end her life - even if it means he will go to prison.
Tom Curran, 62, has promised Marie - whose multiple sclerosis leaves her in constant pain and needing 24-hour care - that he will help her to die with dignity at a time of her choosing.
In an interview with the Irish Mail on Sunday, published today, he insisted: ‘I am prepared to go jail. I know there are consequences to my actions and I will face them. This is something I believe in strongly.’
Mr Curran will be breaking the law and could even face a murder charge, but he says he is willing to accept the consequences in order to spare Marie needless agony. more

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