Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Irish Pro-Deathers Gear Up

The long cold hand of pro-death advocacy is going official in Ireland, with the setting up if a branch of Exit International, which will, no doubt, hijack the media to force people to agree how wonderful it is to have people help you kill yourself, or even let others do it without your involvement. Lucky Irish, I tell you . . .
Euthanasia body to set up Irish group
Exit International, the controversial pro-euthanasia organisation, is setting up a group in Ireland. The first advocacy group of its kind in Ireland will be headed by Dublin man Tom Curran.
Curran said the association in Ireland would be a source of information and support to people interested in learning more about euthanasia and assisted suicide. He said people had ‘‘a right to access information’’.
Curran’s partner had multiple sclerosis and, as her condition had become progressively worse, he said they had discussed options such as assisted suicide and euthanasia. more

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