Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Dr. Death Emerges In NZ

This is how the propaganda goes. Pro-death doctor describes in (somewhat morbid) detail how he kills a patient – with all the requisite “safeguards” in place, of course. But read on – the author then asserts that there are no “involuntary” (i.e., against the patient’s will) euthanasias in the Netherlands. Poppycock. Now he’s living in  New Zealand. Wanna bet he’ll be a NZ pro-deather champion in short order?
How I ended my patient's life
It is a quiet Saturday morning when I leave the house. When I reach my patient's house the sun is starting to become quite fierce and even the birds seem to be a bit lazy in the heat. Mark's wife, Marja, opens the door and when I enter the living room I meet the rest of the family.
There is a projector standing in the corner of the room and some boxes full of projector slides. The boxes are marked with words like "Spain 1970" and "Italy 1972". After introducing me to the family members I do not know, Marja explains that these are the snapshots of family holidays. In the past few days they have been talking a lot about all the good memories and watched photos of the holidays, when the kids were still young, projected on the wall. They had laughed their heads off, says the eldest son, but they'd also talked about more serious things and even planned Mark's funeral in detail.
I walk over to the bedroom where 65-year-old Mark is waiting for me. He welcomes me and says he is glad it is going to happen. more

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