Thursday, September 13, 2012

Suicide Now Called "Euthanizing Oneself"

Ah, yes, the pro-deathers are now moving to redefine suicide – it’s now called, at least to one proponent, “euthanizing oneself.” Uh-huh.
Euthanasia debate: Wife's death video
The woman whose death has reignited the voluntary euthanasia debate filmed a video message to help clear her husband of any criminal liability.
Evans Mott, 61, walked free from the High Court at Auckland yesterday without a conviction after pleading guilty to assisting the suicide of his wife, Rosie.
Mrs Mott took her own life soon after Christmas last year. A few months earlier, she recorded a short film which Justice Patricia Courtney watched before yesterday's sentencing hearing.
The Herald has also watched the posthumous "farewell" message during an exclusive interview with Mr Mott.
"I'm making this movie so that nobody is under the illusion that I've been coerced into what I've done," said Mrs Mott. "Or I've been murdered, or for that matter, committed suicide. I am euthanising myself." more

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