Friday, September 14, 2012

NZ: Polls Show Support for Euthanasia

Given the steady pro-death drumbeat in Aussie and New Zealand, I’m not surprised that polls show that most of the general public wants legalized killing. We’re not doing enough to counter this troubling trend.
Support grows for euthanasia
Almost 63 per cent of New Zealanders support proposed law changes that would allow ill people to end their lives, a new poll shows.
Today's results come a day after after Auckland man Evans Mott, 61, was discharged without conviction for assisting his wife to commit suicide.
Labour MP Maryan Street has drafted a member's bill that would make it legal for people who were terminally ill or suffering from an irreversible disease, to take their own life or have someone help them to die.
The bill has to be drawn from the member's ballot before it will be debated in Parliament and that could take some time.

A Horizon Research poll released today found 62.9 per cent of respondents supported the move, 12.3 per cent were opposed. more

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