Monday, September 10, 2012

UK: Other Officials "Call" ort Assisted Suicide Discussions

After a new UK government appointment came out opining for assietd suciide, other government officials are doing the same. So lucky, we are.
Assisted suicide laws criticised
Health ministers have joined calls for a fresh look at relaxing the law against assisted suicide, with one calling it "ridiculous and appalling" that terminally-ill people were forced abroad to take their own lives.
Tory MP Anna Soubry reopened the fraught right-to-die debate in an outspoken interview with The Times just days after being appointed a junior minister in the Department of Health (DoH) in David Cameron's reshuffle.
And her Liberal Democrat colleague Norman Lamb, who was shifted to the health brief at the same time, said he believed there was "a strong case" for the present law to be reconsidered. more

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