Wednesday, September 5, 2012

UK Pro-Death Poster Family Ready To Go - Again

The pro-deathers are incredibly persistent – never forget that. Poor Tony Nicklinson is hardly cold in his grave and already his lawyers and family are looking for the next poster child for their nihilistic cause. Never forget – the prodeathers never, ever, ever give up.
Tony Nicklinson's family back call to carry on legal fight with new claimantLawyers acting for Tony Nicklinson, the man with locked-in syndrome who died after losing a legal bid to end his life, claim that unaired legal arguments in his unsuccessful battle can be revived should another claimant come forward seeking to pursue his case. Such a move would mean that volumes of evidence collected by Nicklinson's legal team, addressing key issues in the right-to-die debate that were not heard during his case, could still end up being presented in the supreme court. more

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