Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pro-Deather Ideas Similar To Nazi Ideas? Absolutely

Let the pro-deathers whine all they want – what they are proposing for people with disabilities and the social context around these issues are very similar to what the Nazis did to Germans with disabilities – there’s absolutely no doubt.
Anger at 'Nazi slur' on right to die lobby
ANTI-euthanasia campaigners have sparked outrage by comparing the stance taken by advocates of right-to-die legislation to elements of Nazism.
The claims will be discussed in Edinburgh this week at what is billed as the first gathering in Europe of campaigners against assisted suicide.
Care Not Killing – an alliance largely of religious groups – has been accused of "cheapening" the issue by opening its conference, the European Symposium on euthanasia and assisted suicide, with a talk entitled Lessons from Nazism.
Dr Andrew Fergusson, a former GP who is chairman of the advisory group for Care Not Killing, admitted the opening theme of the event would be "controversial". He said the comparison stemmed from a judgment in the Nuremberg Trials which said Nazi doctors believed in the existence of a "life unworthy to be lived". more

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