Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pro-Deather Appointed To The British Medical Association

Another fox in the henhouse of the British Medical Association.
British Medical Association Council elects strong advocate of euthanasia and assisted suicide as new deputy chair
The British Medical Association Council, the governing body of the UK doctors’ trade union, has just elected a new deputy chairman.
Retired Cheshire GP Kailash Chand was chosen by the council following a three-way contest between him, London specialty trainee in anaesthesia Tom Dolphin and Birmingham GP Fay Wilson.
The BMA reports Dr. Chand as saying that he will continue to ‘champion the principles of universal healthcare that have made the NHS such an envy of the world’. This is what we would expect.
However it does not tell us that Dr. Chand is a staunch advocate of legalising both assisted suicide and euthanasia. more

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