Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scots Pol Protests Too Much

That lovable old Scots moon bat Margo MacDonald is all a twitter because the UK’s Care Not Killing Alliance had the temerity to speak the truth – that the ideas currently swirling around assisted suicide and euthanasia are exactly the same mindset that the Nazis inculcated in their citizens in the 1930s. The easy (if illogical) jump made by MacDonald is that CNK is calling her and her ilk Nazis – nice try, but no cigar, Margo.
Margo MacDonald: Linking my Bill with vile regime is wicked
The people leading the “Care not Killing” campaign are wicked. They aim to defeat the assisted suicide Bill I plan to introduce to the Scottish Parliament this autumn. Care not Killing ignores my Bill’s purpose and links it with the programme of state-sponsored murder of disabled Germans.
The Bill will give defined categories of people the legal right to seek help to end their own life, and only their own lives, when they have become intolerable. In Hitler’s Germany, lives were ended by the officials and doctors who experimented in “cleansing” Hitler’s Reich. more

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