Friday, September 14, 2012

NZ: Pro-Death Sympathy In The Media

If you ever wanted to see what an in-the-tank pro-death piece looks like, check out this piece from New Zealand.
Debate: Should we change the law to allow voluntary euthanasia?
John Key ought to be congratulated. It's not often that a Prime Minister has the courage or conviction to call it as it is. In Key's case, he said the unspeakable. That is, that every day doctors practice slow euthanasia to put dying people out of their misery.
For those who know little of the semantics of the voluntary euthanasia/ assisted suicide debate, slow euthanasia is where a doctor uses an opiate such as morphine to treat a dying person's pain.
As long as they maintain that it is not their intention to kill, that they are simply "keeping them comfortable", they don't break the law.
This is even though doctors know full well that too much morphine will always cause death. more

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