Sunday, September 9, 2012

Italian Filmmaker In The Pro-Death Tank

You know the world is messed up when prominent members of the media go so far as to imply that killing the disabled is OK. Frightening.
Pro-euthanasia Italian filmmaker admits that Italy is too Catholic to legalize killing of disabled
An Italian filmmaker responsible for a recently released movie on the starvation of comatose patient Eluana Englaro has given an interview to the French Press Agency lamenting that it’s impossible to legalize the killing of the disabled in Italy, because of the influence of the Catholic faith.
“When the power of Catholics is so strong, as is the case in Italy, it’s almost impossible to promote a more secular law” allowing euthanasia, Marco Bellocchio told the AFP, and noted by way of illustration that “living will” legislation has stalled in the Italian parliament. more

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