Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tragedy Of Assisted Suicide

Here’s another “heroic” story about someone being killed as Swiss death clinic Dignitas. Like every other account like this I have read, it’s heartbreaking how those seeking death are begged by their families not to do it. Tragic.
The last kiss: Family's final portrait before mother dies in Swiss suicide clinic
Jackie Meacock said her last goodbyes to her children in a sunny garden outside the Dignitas centre last week.
After years of suffering with the neurological disorder dystonia, the 71-year-old from Brighton chose to take her own life with her family at her side.
People with dystonia suffer muscle contractions which cause twisting and repetitive movements.
Jackie said her symptoms were so bad that she had no will to carry on living.
Her daughter Donella Preisler said Jackie had been “very frightened – but ready to die”. more

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