Sunday, September 9, 2012

India: More In Poverty Call For Euthanasia

We’re seeing this more and more in the developing world: Requests for euthanasia as a means of escaping extreme poverty and suffering. It’s popping up especially in India after some high-profile requests for euthanasia a few years ago.
Parents of paralysed children want euthanasiaUdaipur: The parents of two children paralysed by illness have appealed for mercy killing of their children because they are simply too poor to take care of them or to get them treated.
 The couple, who live in Udaipur's Sallada village, wrote to the District Collector through their gram sabha out of sheer desperation after their second child, who is four, was paralysed. The older one, eight-year-old Bhumika, too was paralysed two years after birth.
 "We wrote to the collector, asking that either the children be helped in some way or they be allowed to die," mother Ramila Teli said. "We can't bear their suffering anymore." more

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