Monday, January 24, 2011

Dutch Move Closer To Death On Demand For Any Reason

So goes the slippery slope in the Netherlands. After a survey last year found that many elderly Dutch, even if in perfectly good health, wanted a mechanism to kill themselves just because they were “tired of living,” they’re actually going ahead, as this piece points out.
Euthanasia society calls for clinic to help people end their lives
The Dutch voluntary euthanasia society is looking for a partner to open a special clinic later next year where people can go to end their lives, the Volkskrant reports.
The NVVE says its research shows some hospitals and hospices are prepared to back a clinic, which would help around 1,000 people a year to die. People suffering incurable physical complaints, chronic psychiatric conditions and dementia could turn to the centre if their own doctors are not responsive to their wish to end their lives. more

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