Monday, January 10, 2011

Loving Dad: "Why do they keep children with these disabilities alive?"

Heer's al you need to know about how the pro-deathers are succeeding in the public mind. I reported yesterday that an Aussie child with Rhett Syndrome was seen as worthless by her parents, and that her disability had ruined their lives. (Nothing like loving parents, eh??). read this piece and see all the pro-deather arguments - quality of life, ending suffering (the kid's & the parents'), the inconvenience of having to care for a child with a disability, etc. Sick.

Drowned toddler's father asked about euthanasia, inquest told
Months before a sick two-year-old girl drowned in an inflatable pool, her father asked authorities about euthanasia options for children suffering from her disease, an inquest has been told. more

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