Monday, January 3, 2011

Helping Someone Kill Themselves OK As Long As You're "Passionate" About It?

You remember South African Sean Davidson, don’t you? He of flying from South Africa to New Zealand to help his mother kill herself. Predictably, he’s now a hero, and he’s not letting up. I suggest that we’re in deep trouble when someone who helps kill somebody else spins it as “passion.” Heaven help us all.
Mixed views over 'mercy' killing prof
THERE has been mixed public reactions to whether University of Western Cape professor Sean Davison, who is facing trial in New Zealand for the assisted suicide of his mother, had committed an act of mercy or murder.
Davison is adamant that if he committed a crime it was one of passion.
"If I'm perceived to have committed a crime, it would be a crime of passion. I have made many mistakes in my life, I have many people that I need to apologise to, but helping my mother end her (suffering) was not one of those mistakes," Davison is reported to have said. more

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