Monday, January 17, 2011

Brit Writer Thinks Euthanasia Progressive & Opponents "Primitive"

So, another writer/celebrity says medicalized killing is just fine. Ya know, I wish these so-called eminent lights o society would shut up. Stick to writing, Mr. Amis. Oh yes, and I love the part that if you believe in the specialness, the uniqueness of life, well, you just a primitive Neanderthal. Such arrogance, such (as the Brits would say) a toffee-nose.
Martin Amis says euthanasia is 'an evolutionary inevitability'
Mandrake has cheering news for the nation: Martin Amis is to campaign for the laws on assisted suicide to be reformed.
The author, who caused an outcry last year when he called for euthanasia booths to be installed on every street corner, says that he now regards euthanasia as nothing less than "an evolutionary inevitability". more

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