Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pro-Deathers Teach That Death Is The Solution To Suffering

Poor Simone’s mother is trying to comprehend why when Simone announced on Facebook that she was committing suicide nobody thought to help. Here’s at least a partial answer: We’ve already decided in many places, including the UK, where this happened, that a good way to deal with suffering is to die. We’ve also decided that people have a right to kill themselves if they want, and we shouldn’t interfere. Sad, I know, but getting more true everyday as the pro-deathers spread their poison.
'Took all my pills, bye bye': Woman commits suicide on Facebook... and none of her 1,048 online friends help
Tragic: Simone Back posted a message on Facebook but no-one helped
A woman posted a chilling suicide note on Facebook - prompting sickening messages from her online friends.
Before taking her life on Christmas Day, Simone Back, 42, updated her status saying: 'Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.' more

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