Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Killing Not Wrong, It's The Silly Law That's Wrong, You Simpletons!!

This is how the pro-deathers drags us down the slippery slope – see, assisted sucide and euthanasia are not morally wrong, they just need to be “regulated. Ahem . . . like in the Netherlands, where medicalized killing is out of control and on the rise.
Group wants 'right-to-die' changes
The law on helping people to die must be changed because current guidelines have led to an "unregulated situation" where anyone can be assisted to die, campaigners have claimed.
Dignity in Dying chief executive Sarah Wootton said the 1961 suicide act was "no longer fit for purpose" and new guidelines brought in after the case of right-to-die campaigner Debbie Purdy should be replaced with an updated law that clearly states which acts are criminal and which are not. more

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