Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sundance Movie About Suicide Appears To Touch All The Pro-Death Stereotypes

There was quite a buzz several months ago when the Sundance Film Festival announced “How to Die in Oregon,” a documentary about assisted suicide. It’s being screened now at the festival and is apparently pretty gritty. Guess what? It’s framed as a “dignity” issue, and that the subject of the film (this from her son) killed herself because she didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Oh, aren’t we so lucky to once again have the privilege of listening to the pro-death whine?
Unflinching End-of-Life Moments
PARK CITY, Utah — Most screenings at the Sundance Film Festival here are mob scenes — half-frozen film lovers in a mad dash for limited seating, reporters skittering around in search of news nuggets, agents pacing the aisles.
None of that hubbub was on display at the Sunday premiere of what is without question one of the most difficult-to-watch movies of the festival, this year or any year: “How to Die in Oregon,” a documentary from Peter D. Richardson about physician-assisted suicide. The film opens with a man dying of cancer on camera. more

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