Saturday, January 29, 2011

Netherlands Moves Closer To Death On Demand For Any Reason

So goes the Netherlands. It’s not enough that euthanasia is legal for the Dutch, now the pro-deathers want private clinics to kill whomever wants to be killed – no holds barred. This is the ultimate for the pro-deathers - death on demand, at any time, for any reason, anywhere. Awful, just awful.
Dutch activists planning euthanasia clinic
The Dutch voluntary euthanasia society (NVVE) is planning to open an eight-person clinic in 2012 where people can go to end their lives. It estimates that about 1,000 people a year would take advantage of its facilities.  It would cater for people whose doctors have refused to euthanase them. Not only people with an incurable illness, but also people with chronic psychiatric conditions and dementia would be welcome. more

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