Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Murdering Patients Is OK As Long As "There's No Other Option" Really?

Under Swiss law, this doctor is a murderer. But wait!! She pleaded not guilty because she had “no other choice” but to kill her patient. See? Argue that you’re powerless (except for being able to kill) and hey, presto!! You’re off the hook!! I’ll bet nobody challenged the good doctor about her knowledge of palliative care and pain management.
Case puts assisted suicide at a crossroads
The acquittal of a doctor accused of euthanasia has rekindled the debate on assisted suicide in Switzerland, ahead of votes at the cantonal level on the issue.
A regional criminal court in Boudry, canton Neuchâtel, ruled in December that the doctor had no choice when she took the final step to end the life of a terminally ill patient. The acquittal was made definitive in a ruling issued on Tuesday.
Direct active euthanasia is illegal in Switzerland but assisted suicide and passive euthanasia (mercy killing) are not. more

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