Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's No Way To Stop Abuse When Legalizing Assisted Suicide

In the current dust-up “assisted suicide” case in Connecticut, this piece makes an excellent point – there’s almost no way to prevent abuse of the person to be killed. They’ll be dead, and their murderer/helpers will be able to spin whatever story they want, in their best interests, of course.
Assisted Suicide In West Hartford Shows Need For Law On Difficult Decision
According to West Hartford police, Bruce Brodigan appears to have followed all the grim rules of suicide, including consulting a how-to manual, when he allegedly assisted in his father's death last Sept. 14.
On the table beside the bed where George Brodigan took his last breath, there was a bottle of Mount Gay rum and a glass of ice, a Tupperware container full of pills, a suicide note and a copy of "Final Exit," a best-selling guide to killing yourself. more

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