Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's The Palliative Care, Stupid . . .

We need many more articles like tihs that educate and lay bare the pro-deather lie of unbearable suffering. It’s the palliative care, stupid . . .
Arab: Watching my grandmother die taught me lessons about living
Anyone who has watched a loved one die knows all too well that throat-catching sense of feeling helpless.
My grandmother held on for another eight days after doctor's predicted she wouldn't live past 24 hours.
It was brutal because at first she still felt hunger and thirst; however, the nurses cautioned us against feeding her. They said she could choke. We wouldn't want this; that's a painful way to go.
It's a kind of death that's extremely traumatic for loved ones to witness. It bears the added burden of guilt, upon the giver. more

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