Thursday, January 6, 2011

Obamacare "End Of Life Counseling" Smack-Down

See, when you shine the light on the pro-deathers, they roll over and play dead. The Obamacare provision for “end of life counseling,” dropped from the law passed last year after strenuous opposition, was sneaked back in as a regulation by Democrat lawmakers who made a point to tell their cronies to keep the matter quiet. Too bad for them, word got out and forced the withdrawal of the regulation. Remember: I said these pro-death types play dead – they’ll be back with more lies and deceit before you can say ‘possum.”
Obama administration drops 'death panel' provision after controversy
After enacting a Medicare regulation on Jan. 1 that would reimburse doctors for holding end-of-life planning consults with patients, the Obama administration swiftly reversed the move just three days later, after intense controversy swirled around the issue. more

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