Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pro-Death Rant Masked As Reasoned Discussion

Here’s a pro-deather rant masquerading as reasoned discussion. So obvious, surely they can do better than this?
Don’t reignite ‘death panel’ insanity
Let’s dispense quickly with any politically motivated twisting of death and dying in 2011.
We don’t need to reignite the insanity that spun the term “death panels” into the health care debate in 2009.
Expect much wrangling about health care reform as Republicans flex their newly elected collective strength to undermine the goals of the Obama administration. Fine, it is to be expected. Room exists to debate measures intended to solve the nation’s health care quandaries and ensure that Americans wind up healthier for the efforts.
But let’s hope the American public doesn’t fall for the same trick twice as the topic of end-of-life care arises. I’m hedging that we won’t. Increasingly, many of us are caring for aging parents, experiencing firsthand the struggle to make decisions for loved ones when that person can no longer voice their own wishes about care. more

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