Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aussie Media In The Tank For Pro-Deather Lies About Pain & Suffering

OK, this stuff is going to make me pull my hair out, really. If you ask people “Would you rather die than experience excruciating pain at the end of your life?” guess what they're likely to say: “Yes, yes!! Nobody wants to suffer.” Nobody asks this question: “If your terrible suffering could be significantly controlled or eliminated, would you choose euthanasia or assisted suicide over a natural death?” Why isn’t the question asked this way? Because the pro-deathers would lose a major weapon I their arsenal, that’s why.
Support steadfast for death to ease pain
THREE out of four Australians believe voluntary euthanasia should be legal, a poll has found.
But despite levels of endorsement that have hovered between 75 and 85 per cent for many years, pro-euthanasia reformers admit to having been consistently outgunned by their opponents, resulting in five failed attempts to pass legislation in two years.
The latest poll by The Australia Institute found 75 per cent of people agreed that if someone with a terminal illness who is experiencing unrelievable suffering asks to die, a doctor should be allowed to assist them to die. Thirteen per cent did not agree and 12 per cent were not sure. more

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