Friday, December 30, 2011

Aussie: Great Example Of Pro-Deather Spin

Here’s an Aussie piece trying to assert  that legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia will solve everyone’s problems. Read carefully, and see how fast and loose they play with facts. One: In countries where assisted suicide and euthanasia are legal, abuse is rife, not all peachy as this article suggests. Two: For the umpteenth time: Montana HAS NOT legalized assisted suicide. If they can’t get the basics right, why should we trust their opinions? (Hint: we shouldn’t).
Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2010
The Greens’ Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2010 will enable terminally ill patients, of sound mind and whose pain and suffering cannot be alleviated, to voluntarily request and receive assistance from a medical practitioner to end their own lives.
Unfortunately the best palliative care does not provide relief for approximately five percent of terminally ill patients, who suffer excruciating pain at the end of their lives. This bill enables those small numbers of terminally ill people to take control of their own dying if that is their wish. more

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